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The ClickitGolf Academy was launched in the Spring 2020 as a result of a recurring demand from our hundreds of thousands of golfers who were frustrated with NO GOLF during the Covid-19 Virus outbreak.


Many companies launch because of a need – and that need was introduced to us from our golfers sitting at home asking  “how can I improve my game without playing on the course?”  Whether you are a scratch golfer or just starting to enjoy this great game,  ClickitGolf partnered with Aaron Olson, a Golf Digest Top Instructor to start our Academy.


Aaron, as Director of our Academy and Golf Innovation brings a wealth of golf experience and creativity in teaching both the seasoned and new golfer.   After speaking with thousands of students and receiving their input, the Academy’s model is to offer daily instruction for 5-8 minutes on a specific part of the game.   We will focus on the short game, wedge play, proper putting technique, driver, the mental approach and how to perform trick shots to impress your golfing buddies.   In the coming months, we anticipate guest appearances from PGA players, other top teachers, as well as some surprise features throughout our program.


As golf enthusiasts, we love the game and will buy any new iron, wedge, putter or driver to save that one stroke; however, learning proper instruction is critical to having more fun and lower scores.


Welcome to the ClickitGolf Academy!


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